Maseko Mbatha Incorporated was established in April 2004 by Njabulo Maseko as Maseko & Associates. In March 2005, the practice became a partnership when Mthandeni Mbatha joined as a partner and was called Maseko Mbatha and Associates.

In February 2017 the partnership was dissolved and the practice is currently only operated by Njabulo Maseko as a director. The practice’s traditional areas of focus include land legal matters, property law, conveyancing, corporate law, contract law, commercial law and civil litigation.

In June 2007, Njabulo Maseko joined Randles Incorporated as a director while Mr Mbatha oversaw the day to day running of the firm (then Maseko Mbatha and Associates). The two firms have worked in association with one another for structural and commercial support, ensuring efficient services to clients ever since. In February 2010, Njabulo Maseko returned to Maseko, Mbatha & Associates as a qualified conveyancing attorney. The practice has since become Maseko Mbatha Attorneys & Conveyancers.


  • To maintain excellence in land legal matters, property law, corporate law, contract law, commercial law, public law civil litigation amongst others;
  • To assist rural and farming communities secure their land rights;
  • To contribute to our client’s development of corporate governance processes;
  • To champion, brace and protect the corporate and commercial endeavours of individuals, traditional authorities, rural and farming communities, SMME’s and SOE’s;
  • To help our clients forge mutually beneficial relationships;
  • To protect our clients’ interests when they seek redress and/or to end disadvantageous relationships through negotiations, conciliation and, where appropriate, litigation


  • To fortify our position as a choice provider of quality and efficient legal services, particularly to previously disadvantaged communities;
  • To increase our client base to include businesses with a focus on public interest issues;
  • To participate in the growth and development of businesses owned by members of previously disadvantaged communities;
  • To continuously retrofit and develop our business to remain competitive in the ever evolving age of technology;
  • To contribute to the development of e-commerce amongst previously disadvantaged communities and the public and private bodies serving them;


The provision of quality service and the accrual of profit is not mutually exclusive to the notion of Ubuntu which is amongst our primary core value in our dealings with clients. In the circumstances, we treat every single client as if they were our only one and in this regard our services are underpinned by honesty, integrity and professionalism.


  • Ubuntu
  • Service excellence
  • Unqualified honesty and effective communication
  • Empathy
  • Independence of thought
  • Continuous growth
  • Empirical analytical enquiry and
  • Commitment to research.
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